Gibbs Sampling Integration

BeyondPlanck will implement the first end-to-end CMB Gibbs sampler, converting raw measurements into sky maps and cosmological parameters.

Data Selection and Flagging

Data Selection and Flagging identifies which data can be used in the science analysis.

Gain Estimation

Gain estimation converts raw measurements into physical units in a iterative fashion


We will visualise and compress the time-ordered data, and most importantly we aim to remove correlated noise from the data stream.

Beam Deconvolution

We correct for asymmetric beam smearing.

Component Separation

BeyondPlanck aims to integrate map making and component separation into one framework.

Physical Interpretation

Physical Interpretation uses the statistical properties of sky maps to improve our understanding of the current Cosmological Model.

Systematic Uncertainties

Systematic uncertainties through end-to-end simulations.

User Communication and Reproducibility

Dissemination of project’s results and making sure project effort is easily reproducible.