WP2 – Data Selection and Flagging


  • INAF: S.Galeotta, M.Maris, A.Zacchei


This WP serves as starting point to select which data, at the timelines level, will be used in our analysis. It will, based on pre-defined criteria, flag the data that should be excluded like manoeuvre period, gain changes in the data acquisition electronics that cause saturation, abrupt changes in voltage outputs caused by gain fluctuation (to determined using cross correlation with House Keeping) etc . The main objective of this WP is to give to the subsequent WPs a more instrument effect clean data input.

Description of work

The work will consist of two phases. In the first phase we will define the requirements to be used to exclude (flag) the data (roughly estimation is to at least be able to use 80% of the data) and verify if the manoeuvre period (about 8%) can be used for scientific exploitation.