WP3 – Gain Estimation Module


  • INAF: S.Galeotta, G.Maggio, M.Maris, D.Tavagnacco, A.Zacchei


This WP serves as the framework that provides conversion of time-ordered streams of voltages into time-ordered streams of thermodynamic temperatures with all the know instrument systematics removed. This WP will be then integrated in an iterative pipeline as described in the Gibbs sampling integration WP.

Description of work

The work can be split in two phases. The first one is the collection of all the elements required for the thermodynamic calibration like beam model and Cosmological dipole signal (MM), foreground model to be used for initialization (IKW), and identification of the main instrument systematics to be removed at timelines level (DT). The second step will be the creation of a stand-alone pipeline that from raw time order data using the previous described input will be able to calibrate in thermodynamic unit the Planck LFI timeline.