WP9 - User Communication and Reproducible Research



The main objectives of this WP are as follows:

  • Disseminate the results of the rest of the work packages
  • Investigate how the scientific work performed in the previous work packages can be reproducible.
  • Implement a system that will be able to capture and recreate the scientific operations performed in this project.

Description of work

This work package can be sub-divided into three main classes. The first class concerns code organization and distribution. According to the OpenSource philosophy of this project, all source codes will be made publicly available through a GitRepository. The main work in this class is to set up and maintain this repository throughout the project period, and develop a user-friendly webpage that explains the purpose and functionality of the project. The second and most work-intensive class concerns reproducible research. In order to ensure that external users will be able to access, reuse and reproduce the codes developed in the project, Planetek software scientists (who are not themselves cosmologists) will run the codes externally, as if they were external users, and they will be in charge of developing suitable documentation. By having non-cosmologists performing this work, the end-products will be far more user-friendly. Third and finally, this WP is responsible for integrating with and delivering final products through the Planck Legacy Archive. With the aim to facilitate reproducibility of parallel algorithms, this WP will also investigate techniques to replace expensive computing grid calculcations with low cost local or remote GPU based environment by converting suitable code into low level representation for GPU execution.