Planetek Hellas

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Planetek Hellas is a company of the Planetek Group that since 1994, operates in the field of Science Data Exploitation, Software Development for the On Board and the Ground Segment, Earth Observation and INSPIRE compliant Spatial Data Infrastructures.

The company’s applications and solutions are developed within the most important European programs in the field of space related applications and integrated satellite systems for the management, analysis and sharing of coastal and land-related information.

Planetek Hellas is based in the premises of the newly born Space Cluster in Athens, which permits to the company to have access to the most advanced technological infrastructure of now days.

Planetek Hellas has in its portfolio a variety of successful contracts with the European Commission and the European Space Agency, which allow an excellent knowledge of the European procedures and high quality requirements.

The expertise of Planetek Hellas has led the company to strengthen specific skills related to:

  • Planetary and Cosmic exploration
  • On-board software
  • Science and earth observation data management and processing for both on-board and ground deployments
  • Data fusion procedures for Science/EO added value products and service deliveries
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure Platform for delivery, dissemination and exploitation of geospatial products with a strong competence in INSPIRE compliant web deployments.

Planetek Group participates also to the definition and implementation of software for space systems for Space Science missions, such as Solar Orbiter and Earth Observation missions, such as ERS, Envisat, COSMO SkyMED. The experience in providing Geoinformation solutions (Earth Observation & Spatial Data Infrastructure) and the collaboration with ESA and EC, makes the company a provider of specific technologies, needed to receive and process the satellite data acquired by the spacecrafts instruments. The company is able to provide solutions and systems to archive, disseminate, publish and share the generated products as well as engineering consulting services for new missions definition, feasibility studies, and definition of ground control system architecture, requirements specification and design. Additionally, the company focuses on the development of products and services with high market impact.An example of this is the OP3C project from the H2020 SME Instrument framework, which has led to a patent filing (PCT/EP2015/070628) and further commercialization of the concept.