BeyondPlanck Publications

Label Title Reference
BP I Global Bayesian analysis of the Planck Low Frequency Instrument data BeyondPlanck Collaboration (2022)
BP II CMB map-making through Gibbs sampling Keihänen et al. (2022)
BP III Commander3 Galloway et al. (2022)
BP IV On end-to-end simulations in CMB analysis - Bayesian versus frequentist statistics Brilenkov et al. (2022)
BP V Minimal ADC Corrections for Planck LFI Herman et al. (2022)
BP VI Noise characterization and modelling Ihle et al. (2022)
BP VII Bayesian estimation of gain and absolute calibration for CMB experiments Gjerløw et al. (2022)
BP VIII Efficient Sidelobe Convolution and Correction through Spin Harmonics Galloway et al. (2022)
BP IX Bandpass and Beam Leakage Corrections Svalheim et al. (2022)
BP X Planck LFI frequency maps with sample-based error propagation Basyrov et al. (2022)
BP XI Bayesian CMB analysis with sample-based end-to-end error propagation Colombo et al. (2022)
BP XII Cosmological parameter constraints with end-to-end error propagation Paradiso et al. (2022)
BP XIII Intensity foregrounds, degeneracies and priors Andersen et al. (2022)
BP XIV Polarized foreground emission between 30 and 70GHz Svalheim et al. (2022)
BP XV Limits on Large-Scale Polarized Anomalous Microwave Emission from Planck LFI and WMAP Herman et al. (2022)
From BeyondPlanck to Cosmoglobe: Open Science, Reproducibility, and Data Longevity Gerakakis et al. (2022)
From BeyondPlanck to Cosmoglobe: Preliminary WMAP Q-band analysis Watts et al. (2022)
Constraints on the spectral index of polarized synchrotron emission from WMAP and Faraday-corrected S-PASS data Fuskeland et al. (2022)
Planck intermediate results. LVII. Joint Planck LFI and HFI data processing Planck Collaboration (2022)
A Monte Carlo comparison between template-based and Wiener-filter CMB dipole estimators Thommesen et al. (2022)