BeyondPlanck: a Bayesian framework for end-to-end Cosmic Microwave Background analysis

Web-based video conference
Feb 11th, 2021
QUBIC collaboration video conference
Loris P.L. Colombo


Planck satellite data opened a new epoch of CMB experiments, in which observations are no longer limited by instrumental noise, but by our knowledge of instrumental systematics and of the sky itself. In this talk I will present the BeyondPlanck project, a fully Bayesian framework for the end-to-end CMB analysis of CMB data. BeyondPlanck efficiently explores the joint posterior probability distribution of all parameters of interests (instrumental, astrophysical, cosmological), allowing a self consistent propagation of all sources of error to the final science constraints. I will also discuss BeyondPlanck results for Planck Low Frequency Instrument data.