BeyondPlanck Release Conference

Online Zoom Conference
November 18-20, 2020
BeyondPlanck Consortium


Microwave observations have, during the last half century, transformed cosmology, and helped to establish a highly successful model of the universe. However, the signals which the next generation of experiments are searching for are extremely weak and thus difficult to detect. To make further progress researchers need to have exquisite control of all relevant sources of systematic uncertainties, whether they are of instrumental or astrophysical origin.

The BeyondPlanck project, funded through a H2020 call, aims to address this challenge by implementing the very first global CMB analysis pipeline that supports full end-to-end propagation of uncertainties. In the BeyondPlanck Release Conference we will discuss the analysis pipeline, and results from it, as applied to the Planck LFI data.

The BeyondPlanck Release Conference is followed by a two-day hands-on tutorial, that will cover global Bayesian analysis with an emphasis on the Commander approach and the BeyondPlanck dataset.